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In 2015, leaders from child-serving organizations gathered to create a policy document for elected officials and citizens to help inform policy for children in Louisiana. At that time services for children had seen several years of grave cuts that had ended evidence-based programs and left many children without services in everything from Nurse Home Visiting to Early Childhood Education to Youth Aging Out of Foster Care.

Since 2015, the Platform has been used by numerous organizations and distributed to policy makers. It was an integral part of Governor John Bel Edwards' Transition Team document and has been used by local mayors such as Baton Rouge's Mayor Sharon Weston Broome to guide local policy for children. The Platform has been used to make the case for many policy improvements such as the overhaul of the juvenile justice system and increased federal funding to reduce the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) waitlist.

The full version of the Platform is available here. The Executive Summary is available here.

In 2016, an update document was created to show what policy areas have improved. It can be read here.

Now in 2018, we are revising and editing the Platform to be ready for candidates seeking statewide and legislative offices in 2019. We are currently seeking grant funds for these revisions. If you would like to support our Platform Revision, please make a donation by going here.

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