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Legislative Review

Enrolled Bills – 2016 Regular Legislative Session

The Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families focuses its efforts on legislation that affects children, youth and their families. Recognizing that there are many organizations concentrating on K-12 education, we kept our attention on broad areas of child development and systems of supports for youth. We believe that improving outcomes in these areas will strengthen children’s opportunities for success in school and later, in life.

This report provides information about bills that were enacted and sent to the Governor. This information is not meant as a legal interpretation but to provide basic information about the content of the instruments.  Copies can be obtained from the Louisiana Legislature’s website, www.legis.la.gov. Also, it should be noted that the Governor is still considering these bills and it is always possible that some may be vetoed.

Legislative Panelists and Speakers include:

Juvenile Justice                Josh Perry, Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights     www.laccr.org

Child Health                      Sandra Adams, Louisiana Partnership     www.louisianapartnership.org

Child Welfare                   Carmen Weisner, NASW LA Chapter     www.naswla.org

Vulnerable Families        Ashley Shelton, One Voice Louisiana     http://uniteonevoice.org/ov-louisiana

Early Childhood               Sherry Guarisco, Louisiana Partnership     www.louisianapartnership.org

Children’s Cabinet         Dr. James Gilmore, Executive Director     www.gov.louisiana.gov                                 

Budget                                  Jan Moller, Louisiana Budget Project     www.labudget.org

Juvenile Justice

SB 148 – Gatti – Abolishes the Task Force on Juvenile Detention Standards and Licensing.

SB 301 – Morrell – Creates the Juvenile Justice Accountability and Cost Effectiveness Act of 2016; provides for electronic systems to compile statistical data to assist in the determination of levels of accountability, cost effectiveness, and reinvestment in the juvenile justice system. Prohibits any child younger than age 13 from being detained in a juvenile detention facility when taken into custody for the alleged commission of a misdemeanor-grade delinquent act.

SB 302 – Morrell – Creates the Safe and Fair Return Act of 2016; provides access to the records of a child in the custody of the Office of Juvenile Justice by counsel or legal guardian; provides that maximum term of parole if an order of commitment to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections is modified; requires reports to judge to be shared with counsel; requires in-person review hearings to ensure the child is receiving necessary treatment and services; and creates the Safe Return Representation Program to provide counsel for indigent children and establishes requirements for its administration.

SB 303 – Morrell – Clarifies that authority over children judicially committee to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections is with the Office of Juvenile Justice; adds Office of Juvenile Justice schools to the state and district accountability program of the DoE and requires BESE to convene a mutual accountability team to draft and propose a specialized accountability program for the Office of Juvenile Justice schools; provides that Office of Juvenile Justice schools be considered a parish school board for data collection and development and submission of pupil progression plans.

SB 324 – Morrell – Effective July 1, 2018, moves 17 year olds from the adult to the juvenile prison system; creates the Louisiana Juvenile Jurisdiction Planning and Implementation Committee as a committee of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission to develop a plan for implementation.

HCR 102 – Leger – Creates the LA Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Statewide Leadership Collaborative to oversee the process of implementing the core principles and strategies of Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative statewide.


HB 123 – Pierre – Requires high schools to have automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on their premises, if funding is available, regardless of whether or not they have interscholastic athletics; allows them to accept donations for AEDs; removes provision requiring notification to DoH of the acquisition, location and type of AED.

HB 147 – Pierre – Present law requires high schools with interscholastic athletics to have an automated external defibrillator on its premises; new law adds requirement for each high school in any parish with a population of more than 200,000 and less than 225,000 without regard to funding availability.

HB 150 – Talbot – Addresses heirship issues for children born as a result of in vitro fertilization.

HB 171 – Hodges – Requires birthing centers, hospitals, and licensed midwives to offer information to parents of newborns on shaken baby syndrome and sudden unexpected infant death; requires DoH to provide a compendium of resources approved for use by providers and to make them available on the department’s website.

HB 175 – Hilferty – Adds to licensure requirements for early learning centers a provision to include employee training in recognition and prevention of shaken baby syndrome; requires the Office of Public Health to provide information and resources to the DoE and requires that department to post the information on its website so it is easily accessible by employees of early learning centers.

HB 283 – Emerson – Subject to specific appropriation to cover the costs, requires screening of newborns for Krabbe disease; requires DoH to develop and maintain information about Krabbe disease on its website.

HB 484 – Robert Johnson – Provides for medical support for a child when DCFS is providing support enforcement services.

HB 494 – Moreno – Revises membership of the LA State Child Death Review Panel, specifies the age range of children (under age 15) whose deaths are subject to investigation, and authorizes sharing of information between the panel and DCFS.   A representative of the LA Partnership for Children and Families was added to the panel.

HB 498 – Pope – Institutes a one-year moratorium on new pediatric day health facility licenses for applications not approved prior to July 1, 2016; exempts those that certify they will not accept payment for services funded wholly or in part by state funds.

HB 618 – Willmott – Requires a health facility to provide notice to parents of the right to determine the final disposition of a miscarried child; allows 48 hours from notice for arrangement of final disposition and requires health facility to make the remains available for a minimum of 72 hours.

HB 662 – Barras – Provides for a fee on emergency ground ambulance service providers in order to provide for enhanced reimbursement from Medicaid for such services.

HB 672 – Davis – Provides relative to rights and requirements of certain persons authorized to arrange the disposition of human remains.

HB 751 – Leger – Increases fines for violations of the compulsory seat belt law; eliminates warning ticket, increases fine for first offense from $25 to $50 and for second offense from $50 to $75.

HB 868 – Hunter – Authorizes the governing authority of each public school to require that at least one member of the coaching staff of each extracurricular sport offered by the school be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). 

HB 964 – Smith – Expands requirements relative to unlicensed diabetes care assistants to include employees of an entity that contracts with the school or school system to provide school nurses.

HB 1102 – Bishop – Provides that a contract for gestational carrier motherhood shall be enforceable if approved by a court before in utero implantation; prohibits compensation; prohibits the gestational carrier to consent to terminate a pregnancy if prenatal testing reveals disabilities or to reduce multiple fetuses; requires gestational carrier to be at least 25 and no older than 35 and to have already given birth to at least once child.

HB 1133 – Berthelot – Revises provisions relative to inflatable amusement devices, amusement attractions, and amusement rides; addresses their testing, inspection, and operation; prohibits their use when they have not been properly registered or inspected. 

HB 1155 – Hodges – Provides for the issuance of a temporary concealed handgun permit to persons who have obtained a protective order to prevent abuse.

HB 1157 – Stokes – Relative to the Medicaid provider claims review process, requires that procedures be in place to ensure that providers receive or retain the appropriate reimbursement amount for claims in which DoH determines that services delivered have been improperly billed but were reasonable and necessary.

SB 21 – Boudreaux – Extends legislative authority for the Louisiana Obesity Prevention and Management Commission from March 31, 2016 to March 31, 2018.

SB 91 – Colomb – Increases penalty for first violation of law relative to texting while driving from $175 to $500 for a first violation and from $500 to $1,000 for each subsequent violation; addresses fines for those with learner’s permits and those under age 18 related to use of wireless telecommunications.

SB 100 – Gary Smith – Requires driver education and pre-licensing training courses to include course content relative to trailer safety and requires that the road knowledge test required for a license include knowledge of trailer safety.

SB 106 – Boudreaux – Amends law relative to short-form birth certificate cards to require that a long-form birth certificate be purchased in the same transaction.

SB 107 – Barrow – Provides for the re-creation of DHH and changes the name of the department to the LA Dept. of Hospitals (DoH).

SB 117 – Mills – Relative to the Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee, to update provisions, change the membership requirements, change the terminology from the pharmacopeia to preferred drug list, and change provisions for adding newly approved drugs.

SB 131 – Johns – Provides that an individual shall not be required to make a payment for pharmacists services in an amount greater than the pharmacist may retain from all payment sources.

SB 180 – Mills – Provides exemptions from prosecution for certain persons lawfully in possession of medical marijuana.

SB 271 – Mills – Expands list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be recommended, clarifies provisions relating to physicians who may recommend its use, and addresses license provision for growing the product.

SB 291 – Mills - Authorizes a physical therapist to treat a condition within the scope of physical therapy, with or without a prescription or referral from a physician, if the therapist has a doctorate in physical therapy and five years of experience; requires referral from physician to continue treatment beyond 30 days; prohibits physical therapist from rendering a medical diagnosis of a disease.

SB 350 – Luneau – Increases the fee for a long-form birth certificates from $9 to $19 and repeals provision that had allowed East and West Feliciana clerks of court to charge an additional $10 for both birth and death certificates.

SB 353 – Bishop – Established the LA Expectant and Parenting Students Act to recognize existing Federal Title IX obligations and policy provisions that shall be adopted by governing authorities of public secondary schools; requires the DoE to report to the legislature before the 2017 Regular Session a summary of data on rates of graduation for students who are expecting and parenting with recommendations for legislation.

SB 376 – Colomb – Creates the LA Family Caregiver Act; provides requirements for hospitals to give a patient the opportunity to identify a caregiver at discharge and to educate that caregiver in a manner consistent with the discharge plan.

SB 379 – Martiny – Requires the driver of a vehicle on a highway with one lane in each direction and a dedicated two-way left-turn lane to stop upon meeting or passing a school bus.

SB 466 – Hewitt – Provides for the sale of hospitals under the LSU Board of Supervisors once they are closed.

SB 475 – White – Establishes the Ambulance Transport Alternatives Task Force to assist and advise DoH on the creation of a pilot program in East Baton Rouge to transport non-emergency 911 patients to destinations other than a hospital emergency department.

HCR 22 – Smith – Continues the study committee to evaluate LA’s statewide system of healthcare delivery; adds representative of the LA Ambulance Alliance as a member.

HCR 24 – Berthelot – Requests the DoH Office of Behavioral Health to raise awareness of addictive disorders involving abuse of inhalants and to make efforts to reduce the prevalence of inhalant abuse.

HCR 51 – Barras – Provides for a hospital stabilization formula including an assessment (provider fee) and Medicaid reimbursement enhancements; excludes rural hospitals from the assessment and extends the effective period to July 1, 2019.

HCR 77 – Montoucet – Requests DoH to evaluate and report to the legislature on select healthcare delivery models for improving management of care before releasing its next request for proposals for Medicaid managed care services.

HCR 97 – Hoffmann – Expresses support of the legislature for the MyOldMeds campaign to increase awareness of safe and secure disposal of prescription medicines.

HCR 108 – Hoffmann – Authorizes DoH to create a Medicaid transformation plan and directs the department to convene a task force to advise in the development of the plan.

HCR 112 – Carpenter – Requests Capital Area Human Services District to conduct a study of systems for providing appropriate mental health and behavioral health treatment in the capital region as an alternative to hospitalization or detention in correctional facilities.

HCR 113 – LeBas – Establishes the Commission on Preventing Opioid Abuse to study and make recommendations regarding both short-term and long-term measures that can be taken to tackle prescription opioid and heroin abuse and addition in LA; specifically requires the Commission to address the impact of opioid abuse on pregnant women.

HR 173 – Leger - Requests that DoH not establish freestanding emergency departments as a type of licensed healthcare facility.

HR 175 – Leger – Requests a comprehensive plan for citywide delivery of health services in New Orleans and forms a special study committee to assist with development of the plan.

HR 211 – Abramson – Requests DoH to develop and maintain on the internet a list of behavioral health facilities and other pertinent information for persons seeking behavioral health services.

HR 222 – Hoffmann – Requests DoH to evaluate and report on the economic impact of prospective employee criminal background check costs on licensed healthcare agencies.

HR 230 – Willmott – Requests DoH to coordinate a study effort with select healthcare workforce development stakeholders to identify ways to enhance access to needed health services in health professional shortage areas.

HR 248 – Armes – Requests the LSU and Southern Univ. Ag Centers to submit their written notice as to their intent to produce marijuana; requests the LA State Board of Medical Examiners, the LA State Board of Pharmacy and the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry to adopt rules necessary to implement patient access to medical marijuana.

SCR 3 – Mills – Requests DoH to submit a report by October 1, 2016, on the health benefits and costs associated with adding Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) to the newborn screening panel; report to include costs to the OPH lab and how they would be reimbursed by Medicaid and commercial insurance.

SCR 4 – Barrow – Continues the task force to study and make recommendations concerning health service delivery and financing in the Baton Rouge region.

SCR 11 – Boudreaux – Request that DoH evaluate and report to the legislature on access to vital records at parish health units no later than 10/1/16.

SCR 143 – Peacock – Directs the Commissioner of Administration to prioritize payment of legacy costs borne by the LSU Health Science Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport and the LSU Health Care Services Division associated with the privatization of state hospitals; requires the Commissioner to develop a plan for permanent funding of these legacy costs that shall include a proposal for the private partners to bear such costs.

SR 6 – Barrow – Requests DHH to evaluate and report to the Senate by 10/1/16 on funding solutions for in-home support providers.

SR 174 – Barrow – Requests DoH to study and submit a recommendation to the legislature for a freestanding emergency department pilot program in North Baton Rouge no later than February 1, 2017.

SR 191 – Barrow – Requests DoH to study ways to enhance access to health care services in health professional shortage areas.

SR 193 – Barrow – Requests the continuation of the working group to study the impact of nurse practitioners on enhancement of access to health care in medically underserved areas.

SCSR 2 – Gatti – Requests the Senate and House Committees on Health and Welfare to jointly study and hear testimony on a 2014 work group report on strategies to decrease primary care utilization in emergency rooms and hospitals across the state prior to July 1, 2016.

Child Welfare

HB 97 – Smith - Requires that the state child protection toll-free hotline number be posted on the website of every public school.

HB 107 – Willmott – Makes technical changes to the Safe Haven Law (capitalization, reordering of pregnancy crisis center to crisis pregnancy centers).

HB 237 – Willmott – Establishes an official Safe Haven symbol to identify emergency care facilities designated in the Safe Haven Law and specifies the design elements of the symbol.

HB 475 – Hoffmann – Provides for the reorganization of DCFS into a Division of Child Welfare and a Division of Family Support with an assistant secretary for each appointed by the governor; also provides for a single deputy secretary to be appointed by the governor who is to serve as acting secretary in the absence of the secretary.

HB 482 – Jefferson – Creates an eight-member Foster Care and Permanence Task Force to recommend to the governor and the legislature means by which the state may better facilitate permanency for foster children; membership includes two DCFS staff appointed by the secretary; the dean of the Southern School of Public Policy, the director of the LSU School of Social Work, the Executive Director of NASW, the President of LouisianaChildren.org, the Executive Director of the LA Foster and Adoptive Parent Assn. or their designees;  and a person who has served as a relative caretaker for a child in foster care appointed by the DCFS secretary. 

HB 616 – Henry – appropriates funds for the judiciary; includes $3 million in state general funds and $4 million in TANF for CASA; $2 million for legal representation of children in child protection cases; $2.5 million for Families in Need of Services (FINS); provides that the court take a $23 million cut in state general funds but excludes legal representation of children from the cut.  CASA programs have been notified that the $3 million in state funds will be eliminated.

HB 719 – Hodges – Allows a parent, foster parent, legal guardian or DCFS case worker to accompany a minor being transported for admission to a treatment facility under a physician’s emergency commitment certificate; stipulates that biological parent of a child in foster care may accompany the child only if approved by DCFS.

HB 809 – Schroder – Expands law that provides for representation of parents in child abuse/neglect cases to also include absent parents; repeals provision requiring petitioner to pay the fees and costs of a curator ad hoc.

HB 906 – Armes – Requires each public postsecondary school to designate a homeless and foster student liaison within its financial aid office to assist these youth to apply for financial aid and other assistance; authorizes each institution that offers student housing to develop a plan to provide housing resources during and between academic terms.

HB 913 – Carpenter – Adds the chairwoman of the LA Legislative Women’s Caucus to the Child Protection Representation Commission.

HB 1135 – Moreno - Relative to termination of parental rights, adds the victim of a sex offense who is the custodial parent to the list of persons who may petition for termination when the victim wishes to terminate the parental rights of the perpetrator; expands the grounds for termination to include an individual who has been convicted of or who has committed a sex offense; provides that identifying information of the petitioner remain confidential in such cases; and dismisses court costs of service for filing such a petition.

SB 313 – Barrow – Creates a new Council on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren as a subcommittee of the Children's Cabinet Advisory Board within the office of the governor and provides for the council's membership, responsibilities and duties.

SB 326 – Claitor – Requires DCFS to report, beginning 5/1/17 and annually thereafter, a list of child-specific information regarding reports of child abuse or neglect including age, sex and race of each child; parish; categories, levels and final findings assigned to each allegation; number of cases accepted for investigation in which the child was an alleged or valid victim during the report year and prior to the report year; number of other alleged victims in reports accepted for investigation in each child’s case; number of reports accepted for investigation prior to the report year in which the child was a valid victim; and number of distinct reporter names for all investigations in which the child is an alleged or valid victim.

SB 368 – Morrish – Relative to intra-family adoption, provides that when petitioner is the grandparent of a child and the spouse is a step-grandparent who files an authentic act requesting that the blood relative grandparent be allowed to file as the sole petitioner, then a court may grant the adoption in the same manner as if the grandparent was a single petitioner.

HCR 34 – Hoffmann – Continues legislative authority for and requests completion of a study by the Children’s Code Committee of the LA State Law Institute relative to continuing contact by parents and other relatives with children who are subjects of child in need of care proceedings.

HCR 94 – Billiot – Continues the Task Force on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care through July 1, 2017, and adds additional members.

HCR 107 – Willmott – Requests DCFS to convene a consortium of emergency care facilities designated in the Safe Haven Law and to create and maintain a registry of such facilities.

Other child welfare legislation (child support, criminal definitions, etc)

HB 42 – Dwight – Defines the beginning of the time limit for prosecution of video voyeurism as the date the crime is discovered by the victim.

HB 95 – Moreno – Adds three additional members to the LA Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice including the chairs of the LA Legislative Women’s Caucus, Senate Judiciary B Committee, and Senate Select Committee on Women and Children.

HB 210 – Connick – Adds attempted first and second degree rape to the list of crimes with a 30-year time period for institution of prosecution in cases where the victim is under 17 years of age.

HB 212 – Davis – Requires employers to notify DCFS of pending lump-sum payments of $300 or more, at least 15 days prior to the payment, to employees who owe child support.

HB 259 – Nancy Landry – Requires the clerk or deputy clerk to provide notice in actions for child support.

HB 325 – Robert Johnson – Deletes the provision in the Vital Records Law regarding allegation of paternity for child support purposes.

HB 330 – Gregory Miller – Relative to child support, creates a rebuttable presumption that when there is no evidence of a party’s actual income or earning potential, that party can earn a weekly gross amount equal to 32 hours at minimum wage. 

HB 388 – Jefferson – Provides for the filiation of children.

HB 395- Gregory Miller – Amends the definition of “adjusted gross income” as it relates to child support; allows the court to consider an amount paid toward the support of a minor child who is not the subject of an action before the court.

HB 396- Gregory Miller – Amends the membership of the child support review committee to allow a designee of the LA State Law Institute Marriage and Persons Advisory Committee to serve in lieu of the Reporter of the Law Institute.

HB 410 – Gregory Miller – Amends the definition of “shared custody” and “split custody” for the purposes of child support by allowing the court to designate those arrangements based on a preponderance of the evidence in the absence of a custody order.

HB 447 – Gregory Miller – Relative to tutorship, adds provision for the court to consider other relevant evidence beyond standard testing procedures in order to establish that a person above the age of 15 possesses less than 2/3 of the average mental ability of a normal person of the same age; continues requirement of concurrence of the coroner but clarifies that petitioner shall not bear the coroner’s costs or fees.

HB 449 – Gregory Miller – Resolves conflicts between laws relative to birth certificates and laws relative to filiation; provides for contents of a birth certificate.

HB 485 – Robert Johnson – Relative to child support, deletes requirement for written notice prior to obtaining a credit report.

HB 486 – Robert Johnson – Provides for administrative hearings for property or assets frozen by DCFS when child support is not paid or when there is an overpayment and an appeal has been made.

HB 588 – Robert Johnson – Relative to child support, reduces the fee charged to DCFS and the district public defenders’ offices from $25 to $4 for each tax offset claim made to the Dept. of Revenue against any tax refund amounts due to an individual for debts owed to the agency by the individual. 

HB 590 – Leopold – Provides with respect to prior acts in domestic violence and cruelty to juveniles cases; allows prior accusations of abusive behavior to be admissible subject to the balancing test.

HB 933 – Gregory Miller – Amends law relative to child support guidelines to incorporate the most recent economic estimates of child-rearing expenditures as a portion of household consumption; amends the monthly basic child support obligations and utilizes $0-900 as the minimum monthly gross income and raises the ceiling from $30,000 to $40,000 monthly.

HB 992 – Connick – Amends the definition of “aggravated offense” and “sexual offense against a victim who is a minor” to include crime against nature and provides relative to the registration as a sexual offender requirement of persons convicted of third degree rape.

HB 1146 - Henry – Authorizes limited disclosure of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, online screen names, static internet protocol addresses, and other online identities associated with a person who is required to register as a sex offender.

SB 70 – Long – Prohibits a person registered as a sex offender from engaging in employment as a door-to-door solicitor, peddler, or itinerant vendor to sell any type of goods or services.

SB 90 – Johns – Expands the definition of human trafficking of persons under the age of 21 to include specific elements and penalties; provides that law applies regardless of whether the victim was forced or coerced; provides that it is not a defense that the victims age was unknown; sets the fine of up to $50,000, imprisonment at hard labor for 15 to 50 years, or both; and requires persons convicted of human trafficking to register as a sex offender when the victim is under age 21.

SB 377 – Peacock – Requires National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline to be posted in hotels.

SB 397 – Johns – Allows licensed residential homes to accept persons who are 18 through 21 years of age under defined circumstances including when the resident is pursuing a GED and/or when the person is the parent of a child residing in the facility.

SB 468 – Johns – Prohibits establishments selling alcoholic beverages from employing person under the age of 21 who will provide live entertainment while showing their breasts or buttocks.

HCR 79 – Edmonds – Requests the LA State Law Institute to study the laws regarding adoptions and wrongful adoptions and make recommendations to the legislature regarding abuse of incentives in the adoption process.

SR 142 – Troy Carter – Requests the LA State Law Institute to study and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of revisions to present laws to require physical custody of children to be shared equally.

SR 165 – Mills – Requests DCFS to study whether it would be appropriate for defendants found in contempt of court for failure to pay child support to perform court-appointed community service related to litter abatement/collection in lieu of jail time.

Family Economic Stability

HB 230 – Smith – Adds an additional day of early voting if one or more holidays occur during the ordinary period.

HB 401 – Reynolds – Requires BESE to adopt rules and guidelines for implementation of the law authorizing public schools to offer instruction in personal financial management based on the concept of achieving financial literacy.

Early Care and Education

HB 197 - Pylant – Creates the crime of unlawful operation of a child day care center; defines unlawful operation as any of the following:  operating without a license; continued operation after notification by the DoE that the operator should seek a license; continued operation after the DoE has revoked a license.  Provides for penalties (fines and imprisonment) for first, second and third offense.

HB 270 – Pope – Aligns provision for special elections to fill an unexpired term of one year or more on BESE conform with present election laws.

HB 361 – Pylant – Changes the daily penalty for operating an early learning center with a valid license from at least $1,000 to no more than $1,000.

HB 712 – Jackson – Provides that a student with an exceptionality, except a gifted or talented student, shall be assigned to a school as requested by the parent if certain conditions are met; exempts Orleans Parish schools.

HB 830 – Seabaugh – Relative to criminal background checks for owners, employees, volunteers, and inspectors of early learning centers; requires the DoE, rather than owners and operators, to request criminal history information for these individuals and to collect the processing fees charged for state and federal criminal history reports.

SB 109 – Barrow – Provides that applications for assistance and the information contained in the case records of child care assistance clients of the DoE shall be confidential and any use of such information not directly connected with the administration of the department programs shall be unlawful; provides for release of information to other state agencies that provide services or treatment to a recipient and provides for penalties for violations.

SB 270 – Boudreaux – Provides relative to student data privacy, requires school systems to enter into memorandum of understanding to exchange information necessary to verify student enrollment and residency status between charter schools and public schools.

SB 310 – Claitor – Relative to the information BESE must annually publish on the DoE website, adds requirements to include student membership counts and any weighted student counts by student need characteristics; calculations of the amounts of MFP funding allocated to each school system; further requires reports on students with exceptionalities to include breakouts of speech or language impairment and intellectual disability by race, gender, age and sex.

SB 317 – Donahue – Provides for student behavior and discipline, including the use of seclusion and physical restraint to address the behavior of students with exceptionalities; creates Advisory Council on Student Behavior and Discipline.

SB 335 – Claitor – Prohibits public schools, including charter schools, from requiring the parent or legal guardian of a student to disclose medical information or special education needs prior to enrolling the student.

SR 7 – Peterson – Commends the graduating parent and student leaders of the 2016 Family Leadership Training Institute of New Orleans on becoming trained civic advocates.

General Government

HB 19 – Dwight - Prohibits use of an unmanned aircraft system to conduct surveillance or collect information about a school, school premises, or correctional facilities.

HB 182 - Foil - Removes the possibility of jail time for possession of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age, and provides that a citation issued by a law enforcement officer for such violation shall not be included on the person's criminal history record.  

HB 198 – Pylant – Adds two ex officio members affiliated with the LA District Attorneys Assoc. to the council of the LA State Law Institute.

HB 454 – Richard – For FY 2015-16 through FY 2017-18, prior law required contracts of $40,000 or more in state funds for professional, personal and consulting services to be reviewed and approved by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget; new law adds social services contracts of $40,000 but deletes the requirement that the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget approve all contracts of $40,000 or more; further, provides that all such contracts, regardless of funding source, be reviewed by the Committee.

HB 947 – Pope – Requires that 21 departments, boards and commissions of LA provide detailed information to the legislature concerning their operations including a full organizational chart that shows each staff position and current salary no later than 15 days prior to each regular session.

HB 1161 – Dustin Miller – Revises the composition of the LA State Board of Nursing to remove the two nonvoting physician members and add in lieu thereof two members who are representatives of the consumers of the state at-large appointed by the governor, neither of whom shall be a nurse, and both of whom shall be voting members.

SB 68 – Walsworth – Increases membership of the Legislative Youth Advisory Council from 21 to 31; eliminates advisory nonvoting members and adds advisors to include a member of the Senate, a member of the House, the Superintendent of Education, and the Chair of the LA Commission on Civic Education.

SB 99 – Gary Smith – Prohibits imposition, assessment or collection of the occupational license tax on any minor engaging in a business with sales of less than $500 per year.

SB 179 – Riser – Prohibits the possession, trading, discarding or destruction of human remains; provides for exemptions and for penalties.

SB 395 – Ward – Requires all meetings of the LA State Law Institute to be open to the public and to be held in a public building with a majority of the meetings to be held in Baton Rouge.

SB 407 – Milkovich – Requires publication of information on all contracts be published on the Division of Administration website; creates the Contract Services Joint Legislative Task Force to study and make annual assessments of state contracts of $50,000 or more.

HR 231 – Barras – Directs the Treasurer to allocate money deposited into the state treasury from constitutional and statutory dedications that flow through the Bond Security and Redemption Fund for the purpose of paying debt service.

HR 244 – Dustin Miller – Requests the LA State Board of Nursing and the LA State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners, jointly, to study the feasibility of merging the two boards.

SCR 84 – Hewitt – Requests the Division of Administration to provide a report to the legislature of all reports required of the executive branch by statute or resolution and a survey evidencing the utility of the required reports.

SR 199 – Alario – Directs the Treasurer to continue the long-held practice of allocating state funds to the payment of debt service on full faith and credit obligations of the state and to not allocate monies that are for a constitutional or statutory dedication for such purpose.


2016 Legislative Action Report - Regular Session


Read Investing in Early Childhood: A Road Map to Economic Success for Louisiana. This was originally developed as the Partnership's 2009 Policy Agenda. Download the report.


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